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"To Everone with Spay Ohio,

I can't find the words to thank you all enough for everything you've done for Bella.
I am totally amazed at how dedicated and caring you all have been! I will always remember hollister camicie the love you showed for my baby cat! She's so special and loved.
I promise to love Bella, take care of her and give her the very best I can for the rest of our lives together.
Few took me seriously or cared enough to listen or help. Louise, Anita and Dr. Peevy not only went above and beyond, but did so with all the compassion I could have ever asked for.
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Bella Baby Cat! We will always remember you and be thankful! May you all be blessed, loved and appreciated!

Always grateful,

Roni, Family & Bella Baby Cat

P.S. Bella means Precious One in Portuguese."


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