Spay Ohio is a program of Pet Alliance, a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal resource organization dedicated to serving the animal needs of our community. Our mission is to ensure that cost is not a barrier to spay/neuter your animal. We promote microchipping to return lost pets to their guardians - making room in shelters and rescues for those animals that are truly without homes.




It's Anita again. This time with my childhood kitty Missy. I got Missy for my seventh birthday and she was a part of my life for over 15 years. Missy was my best friend and her love for me demonstrated how animals enrich our lives and theirs through their unconditional love.

I've owned dogs as well but I seem to gravitate toward cats. I can't even count the number of pets I've owned over the years. Some come hollister tcamicie and go but I've made sure that every single one of them was spay/neutered. Please do your part to prevent their needless suffering by spay/neutering ALL of your animals.

With your help, we can end their suffering!

Anita Barron
Director, Spay Ohio

I've Seen the Dark Side...
...And Have Come To Know The Solution

I grew up in Southwest Georgia, where virtually all dogs, and most cats, spent their days (and nights) outside making more dogs and cats. My Mother instilled in me a love for animals and my first true friend was my childhood kitty Missy.

I watched closely as my Mother demonstrated to me what true guardianship for an animal looked like. She made sure that her pets would not add to the ever-exploding population of homeless animals. She provided care for not only our animals, but for those abandoned by their guardians or strays within our community.

I've seen what can happen when animals are allowed to reproduce without restraint. Most lead a life of lonliness, pain and starvation. But I also had a good mentor, one that demonstrated through action what could be accomplished; one animal at a time.


The Seed is Planted

Fast forward to the 21st Century (Did you really think I was going to tell you how old I am?). My childhood love for animals has turned into a passion and I find myself spending a significant amount of time volunteering for local pet organizations.

My quest for knowledge and insight takes me to Memphis, TN for the 2006 Spay Neuter Conference hosted by Spay USA. Here I had the opportunity to meet Esther Mechler, the founder of Spay USA and an early visionary in the spay/neuter movement. Esther shared her vision for state-based low-cost spay/neuter referral organizations at the conference and it seemed like she was talking directly to me.


Spay Ohio is Born

I left the conference committed to supporting the guardians and pets of Ohio in this way. I started my own non-profit organization later that year called Pet Alliance and in January 2008 the Board of Directors of Pet Alliance supported my commitment to bring Spay Ohio to you.

Spay Ohio is commited to bringing you low-cost spay/neuter resources in every community in Ohio. We're fortunate to have the support of Esther Mechler of Spay USA, Pet Alliance and numerous vets, clinics, rescues and shelters in Ohio. but...


Our Journey is Far from Over

We need your help to spay/neuter ALL your animals, pass along our contact information to every pet guardian, lover and supporter in the state of Ohio, recommend organizations supportive of our mission and donate your time and money to our cause.

It only works through YOUR generous contribution of time and money. Your donations are tax deductible and will be used with the utmost care and consideration to make Ohio the pet-friendliest state in America.

Together, It's Achievable!

Anita Barron
Director, Spay Ohio

P.S. State and federal money is available but is VERY difficult to acquire. If you, or someone you know, has grant writing experience please ask them to contact me directly to help us help you make sure cost is NEVER an issue in the decision to spay/neuter a pet.



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